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Foliage: how to dress in autumnal tones

Foliage: how to dress in autumnal tones

As autumn approaches, so do the vibrant hues of foliage, a time of year to draw inspiration from and infuse your wardrobe with the warm shades that only this season can provide. It's a triumphant display of colors that become the focal point of a wave of nuances to inspire your style.

Autumn is not just a season; it's also a state of mind, and fashion follows suit. Outerwear and knitwear are the garments that lend themselves most to these finishes: jackets in shades of green and brown, sweaters and cardigans that appear soaked in burgundy, yellow and orange sweaters, vests and waistcoats in autumnal colors. Let's not forget materials like leather and cashmere, ideal for showcasing these hues.

The colors of foliage are versatile and easily combinable. The safest mix is usually between bright and muted colors, with a preference for tonal combinations that can be broken up with accessories of a lighter or darker shade (like a belt) as needed. Autumn colors can be worn in small accents or as a complete look, perhaps playing with camouflage prints and harmonious color combinations. Just like in forests and woods where colors are never completely uniform.

An important role in the realm of foliage colors is played by denim fabric, one of the best companions when it comes to color coordination. The color of timeless jeans seems to be in perfect harmony with autumnal shades; pairings with blue jeans can lend a refined and sophisticated tone. Even a seemingly minimal look, when paired with the right colors, becomes instantly unique and hard to overlook.

Last but not least, white! The "non-color" that can elevate any outfit with timeless sophistication. The contrast between the autumnal hues and white is unparalleled in its brightness, enhancing the earthy tones and lending itself well to both formal and casual looks, without sacrificing elegance.

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