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The Polo Shirt: Four Brands Compared for a Cool and Stylish Summer
The Polo Shirt: Four Brands Compared for a Cool and Stylish Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the desire to wear light and breathable clothing. Among the season's must-haves, the polo shirt remains an evergreen that fits any occasion, from leisure time to more elegant evenings.

In this article, we compare four renowned brands for the quality and style of their polo shirts: Zanone, John Smedley, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Magazzino Ricambi.

Zanone Ice Cotton

The Zanone ice cotton polo is the perfect choice for those who want a fresh and comfortable garment for the hottest days. Made from pure cotton with a special treatment that gives the fabric a soft and breathable texture, this polo guarantees unmatched comfort. Its minimalist design and regular fit make it suitable for any occasion, from an informal meeting to a stroll in the city.

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John Smedley

For lovers of tradition and sartorial quality, the John Smedley polo represents uncompromising excellence. Made with premium Sea Island Cotton, an Egyptian cotton renowned for its softness and durability, this polo offers unbeatable comfort and impeccable fit. Refined details, such as hand-finished collars and mother-of-pearl buttons, make this polo a timelessly classy piece.

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Polo Ralph Lauren

The Polo Ralph Lauren polo is an undisputed icon of American style. Its classic design, featuring the embroidered pony logo on the chest, is recognizable worldwide. Made from high-quality cotton piqué, this polo offers the perfect combination of comfort and durability. Available in a wide range of colors and fits, the Polo Ralph Lauren polo is a versatile garment that suits any occasion.

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Magazzino Ricambi

For those seeking a more modern and bold interpretation of the polo shirt, Magazzino Ricambi’s offering is an interesting choice. Made with innovative materials and contemporary cuts, this polo reinterprets the classic in a modern way without sacrificing comfort and quality. Original details, such as contrasting collars or English seam sleeves, make this polo a unique and distinctive piece.

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How to choose the perfect polo for the summer

How to Choose the Perfect Polo for the Summer?

Choosing the ideal polo depends on individual needs and personal style. If you're looking for a fresh and comfortable garment for the hottest days, Zanone's Ice Cotton line is an excellent choice. If you prefer classic elegance, John Smedley's polos are ideal. For a sportier and more playful look, Ralph Lauren's polos are perfect. Finally, if you're looking for a unique and distinctive garment, Magazzino Ricambi is the brand not to miss.

Regardless of the brand chosen, a quality polo is an investment that lasts over time and will accompany you for many summers.

New Church's Heswall loafers: a timeless style
New Church's Heswall loafers: a timeless style

Church's Heswall loafers in suede represent a perfect blend of elegance and comfort, embodying the British craftsmanship excellence that has made the brand famous. Founded in 1873 in Northampton, Church's is synonymous with quality and tradition, and the Heswall suede loafers are an exemplary testament to this heritage.

The Heswall suede model stands out for its sophisticated and versatile design. These loafers are crafted from high-quality suede leather, known for its softness and ability to provide a luxurious yet relaxed look. The choice of suede adds a dimension of casual elegance, making these shoes ideal for both formal and informal occasions.

One of the main advantages of the Heswall suede loafers is their comfort. The slip-on construction allows for easy and quick wearing, while the softness of the material perfectly adapts to the foot, offering a pleasant wearing experience.

The design of the Heswall suede loafers is meticulously detailed. The Blake stitching, a construction method that joins the sole to the upper with a single stitch, ensures flexibility and lightness. This type of construction also allows for greater adaptability of the shoe to the foot, enhancing overall comfort.

Aesthetically, the Heswall suede loafers are available in Burnt and Desert colors, which easily match various outfits. The versatility of these colors makes them perfect to wear with jeans, chinos, or even more formal attire, adding a touch of refined elegance.

In conclusion, Church's Heswall suede loafers are an investment in style and quality. Ideal for those who appreciate luxury craftsmanship and seek a versatile and comfortable shoe, these loafers represent a symbol of discreet and lasting elegance. Perfect for any occasion, they always ensure an impeccable presence.

Smart Casual Dress: when elegance is also comfortable
Smart Casual Dress: when elegance is also comfortable

Smart Casual: like other concepts containing the word "casual," this indicates a hybrid dress code, a more or less balanced meeting between two seemingly distant worlds. And it is precisely by combining the word casual with the word dress that the need arises for something, in this case, an outfit, that can accompany us to work, after work, and in our leisure time with the same dose of comfort and at the same time elegance. If you also feel a similar need but don't know how to navigate it, let's clarify a bit.

So, to give an overall definition, what is meant by smart casual? It refers to a type of clothing that is comfortable and relaxed but at the same time elegant and able to adapt to different circumstances, giving us a tone. An outfit that falls into this category combines elements taken from formal wear with elements taken from casual wear in a balanced manner - attention! This is the key word! - allowing us to accompany ourselves in all the commitments of the day without losing an ounce of style.

Smart casual is suitable for the office, as well as for the subsequent aperitif with colleagues, for dinner, and for a weekend in an exclusive location. In short, as we were saying, the possibilities are wide and varied. We are back to moving, traveling, and the desire to wear a formal yet comfortable outfit is becoming more than just a trend, perhaps a new pillar of fashion.

After the theory, let's get practical: how do you dress smart casual? The basic "rules" are generally to mix formal and informal components in balance, without there being a clear predominance of one or the other; an outfit composed of a jacket and shirt, paired with jeans and ankle boots, is a perfect example of smart casual. Just as an ensemble composed of a shirt, cardigan, classic trousers, and ankle boots. Or even, a single-breasted suit paired with a knitted polo shirt and very simple leather sneakers. A classic combination is a blue jacket and beige chinos, for example, to be worn with a white or light blue shirt and brown leather shoes and belt.

So, what smart casual aims for is essentially the creation of a versatile wardrobe with interchangeable items and the possibility of numerous combinations. Avoid, if you can, stark contrasts, for example by avoiding too sporty or streetwear items, such as oversized sweatshirts or T-shirts with flashy logos.

The keyword is versatility and interchangeability!

The strength of Made in Italy
The strength of Made in Italy

The excellence of Made in Italy lies in its very essence, a supply chain that produces with a focus on values such as creativity, quality, innovation, and sustainability. Italian productions, especially those in the realm of tailoring, are recognized worldwide, a true brand appreciated and loved for its exceptionally high level of quality in material choice and attention to detail.

The origin of this style can be traced back over 70 years ago when the Tuscan aristocrat Giovanni Battista Giorgini organized a fashion show in his magnificent Villa Torrigiani in Florence. The explicit condition for participation was that the models showcased had to be of Italian inspiration and exclusively Italian-made, created by the ten most important Italian fashion houses of the time. The media response was unprecedented, even reaching across the ocean.

Italian fashion has now become a global phenomenon, encompassing colors, cuts, and ideas capable of conveying all the passion and creativity that our designers infuse into their garments. Wearing Italian is a pride that makes the difference between donning a simple piece of clothing and wearing a fashion piece characterized by unmistakable elegance, excellent tailoring, precious fabrics, unparalleled creativity, and innovation.

Brands like Tagliatore, Barba Napoli, Kiton, Valstar, Eleventy, LBM, Kired, stand out in the panorama of Made in Italy for the high-quality materials used, refined style, attention to detail, and the ability to stand the test of time.

If you too want to make a difference by exclusively wearing Made in Italy garments, visit our website in the dedicated section to discover our selection of 100% Italian brands.

Foliage: how to dress in autumnal tones
Foliage: how to dress in autumnal tones

As autumn approaches, so do the vibrant hues of foliage, a time of year to draw inspiration from and infuse your wardrobe with the warm shades that only this season can provide. It's a triumphant display of colors that become the focal point of a wave of nuances to inspire your style.

Autumn is not just a season; it's also a state of mind, and fashion follows suit. Outerwear and knitwear are the garments that lend themselves most to these finishes: jackets in shades of green and brown, sweaters and cardigans that appear soaked in burgundy, yellow and orange sweaters, vests and waistcoats in autumnal colors. Let's not forget materials like leather and cashmere, ideal for showcasing these hues.

The colors of foliage are versatile and easily combinable. The safest mix is usually between bright and muted colors, with a preference for tonal combinations that can be broken up with accessories of a lighter or darker shade (like a belt) as needed. Autumn colors can be worn in small accents or as a complete look, perhaps playing with camouflage prints and harmonious color combinations. Just like in forests and woods where colors are never completely uniform.

An important role in the realm of foliage colors is played by denim fabric, one of the best companions when it comes to color coordination. The color of timeless jeans seems to be in perfect harmony with autumnal shades; pairings with blue jeans can lend a refined and sophisticated tone. Even a seemingly minimal look, when paired with the right colors, becomes instantly unique and hard to overlook.

Last but not least, white! The "non-color" that can elevate any outfit with timeless sophistication. The contrast between the autumnal hues and white is unparalleled in its brightness, enhancing the earthy tones and lending itself well to both formal and casual looks, without sacrificing elegance.

The charm of Cashmere
The charm of Cashmere

The origin of cashmere can be traced back to the ancient communities of Central Asian shepherds, where this fiber evolved alongside civilizations, bridging the gap between the East and the West. Its exceptional quality, unmistakable enveloping sensation, and insulating properties have captivated entire populations, establishing it in the world of fashion as the quintessential noble yarn.

Stretching across Afghanistan, India, and China is the region of Kashmir, which lends its name to the fiber. Here, Hircus breed goats develop a dense undercoat composed of extremely fine and soft fibers. Through a gentle and harmless manual combing process, cashmere is extracted from this undercoat.

The secret behind this warm and incredibly soft fiber lies in its extremely thin thickness: 15 microns (1 micron = 0.001 millimeters) compared to the 24 of Merino wool.

A cashmere garment has always been synonymous with sophistication and uniqueness, but why? Because a cashmere sweater wraps and protects like no other yarn, even when combined with others, as this precious fiber is highly thermoregulating.

Not only sweaters, but all products made of cashmere represent luxury and quality, refinement, and elegance. From the turtleneck sweater to the coat, including accessories such as scarves, hats, and gloves, choosing cashmere for these clothing items guarantees softness and a warm sensation on the skin, providing protection against the cold like few other fabrics can.

Although cashmere is a durable fabric, it requires proper care and attention. It is advisable to hand wash cashmere garments or use specialized washing machines, following the instructions carefully to avoid shrinking or damaging the fibers. Additionally, proper storage is essential to prevent damage from moths.

The cashmere garments you find on our website are made with the finest yarns from the Marche-based mill, Cariaggi, the largest producer of "Made in Italy" luxury fashion textiles. Striking a perfect balance between tradition and technological innovation, this company infuses its products with sophistication and refinement, making Cariaggi yarns in precious cashmere suitable for every season while highlighting the artisanal craftsmanship, creativity, and quality that are typical of Italian products.

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