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The strength of Made in Italy

The strength of Made in Italy

The excellence of Made in Italy lies in its very essence, a supply chain that produces with a focus on values such as creativity, quality, innovation, and sustainability. Italian productions, especially those in the realm of tailoring, are recognized worldwide, a true brand appreciated and loved for its exceptionally high level of quality in material choice and attention to detail.

The origin of this style can be traced back over 70 years ago when the Tuscan aristocrat Giovanni Battista Giorgini organized a fashion show in his magnificent Villa Torrigiani in Florence. The explicit condition for participation was that the models showcased had to be of Italian inspiration and exclusively Italian-made, created by the ten most important Italian fashion houses of the time. The media response was unprecedented, even reaching across the ocean.

Italian fashion has now become a global phenomenon, encompassing colors, cuts, and ideas capable of conveying all the passion and creativity that our designers infuse into their garments. Wearing Italian is a pride that makes the difference between donning a simple piece of clothing and wearing a fashion piece characterized by unmistakable elegance, excellent tailoring, precious fabrics, unparalleled creativity, and innovation.

Brands like Tagliatore, Barba Napoli, Kiton, Valstar, Eleventy, LBM, Kired, stand out in the panorama of Made in Italy for the high-quality materials used, refined style, attention to detail, and the ability to stand the test of time.

If you too want to make a difference by exclusively wearing Made in Italy garments, visit our website in the dedicated section to discover our selection of 100% Italian brands.

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