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The charm of Cashmere

The charm of Cashmere

The origin of cashmere can be traced back to the ancient communities of Central Asian shepherds, where this fiber evolved alongside civilizations, bridging the gap between the East and the West. Its exceptional quality, unmistakable enveloping sensation, and insulating properties have captivated entire populations, establishing it in the world of fashion as the quintessential noble yarn.

Stretching across Afghanistan, India, and China is the region of Kashmir, which lends its name to the fiber. Here, Hircus breed goats develop a dense undercoat composed of extremely fine and soft fibers. Through a gentle and harmless manual combing process, cashmere is extracted from this undercoat.

The secret behind this warm and incredibly soft fiber lies in its extremely thin thickness: 15 microns (1 micron = 0.001 millimeters) compared to the 24 of Merino wool.

A cashmere garment has always been synonymous with sophistication and uniqueness, but why? Because a cashmere sweater wraps and protects like no other yarn, even when combined with others, as this precious fiber is highly thermoregulating.

Not only sweaters, but all products made of cashmere represent luxury and quality, refinement, and elegance. From the turtleneck sweater to the coat, including accessories such as scarves, hats, and gloves, choosing cashmere for these clothing items guarantees softness and a warm sensation on the skin, providing protection against the cold like few other fabrics can.

Although cashmere is a durable fabric, it requires proper care and attention. It is advisable to hand wash cashmere garments or use specialized washing machines, following the instructions carefully to avoid shrinking or damaging the fibers. Additionally, proper storage is essential to prevent damage from moths.

The cashmere garments you find on our website are made with the finest yarns from the Marche-based mill, Cariaggi, the largest producer of "Made in Italy" luxury fashion textiles. Striking a perfect balance between tradition and technological innovation, this company infuses its products with sophistication and refinement, making Cariaggi yarns in precious cashmere suitable for every season while highlighting the artisanal craftsmanship, creativity, and quality that are typical of Italian products.

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