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Smart Casual Dress: when elegance is also comfortable

Smart Casual Dress: when elegance is also comfortable

Smart Casual: like other concepts containing the word "casual," this indicates a hybrid dress code, a more or less balanced meeting between two seemingly distant worlds. And it is precisely by combining the word casual with the word dress that the need arises for something, in this case, an outfit, that can accompany us to work, after work, and in our leisure time with the same dose of comfort and at the same time elegance. If you also feel a similar need but don't know how to navigate it, let's clarify a bit.

So, to give an overall definition, what is meant by smart casual? It refers to a type of clothing that is comfortable and relaxed but at the same time elegant and able to adapt to different circumstances, giving us a tone. An outfit that falls into this category combines elements taken from formal wear with elements taken from casual wear in a balanced manner - attention! This is the key word! - allowing us to accompany ourselves in all the commitments of the day without losing an ounce of style.

Smart casual is suitable for the office, as well as for the subsequent aperitif with colleagues, for dinner, and for a weekend in an exclusive location. In short, as we were saying, the possibilities are wide and varied. We are back to moving, traveling, and the desire to wear a formal yet comfortable outfit is becoming more than just a trend, perhaps a new pillar of fashion.

After the theory, let's get practical: how do you dress smart casual? The basic "rules" are generally to mix formal and informal components in balance, without there being a clear predominance of one or the other; an outfit composed of a jacket and shirt, paired with jeans and ankle boots, is a perfect example of smart casual. Just as an ensemble composed of a shirt, cardigan, classic trousers, and ankle boots. Or even, a single-breasted suit paired with a knitted polo shirt and very simple leather sneakers. A classic combination is a blue jacket and beige chinos, for example, to be worn with a white or light blue shirt and brown leather shoes and belt.

So, what smart casual aims for is essentially the creation of a versatile wardrobe with interchangeable items and the possibility of numerous combinations. Avoid, if you can, stark contrasts, for example by avoiding too sporty or streetwear items, such as oversized sweatshirts or T-shirts with flashy logos.

The keyword is versatility and interchangeability!

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